Real Estate is all about the location, right? And one of the many incredible benefits that come from living in a Home at a fantastic place is probably a tremendous view!

Who hasn’t dreamed of one day waking up on your dream home, to be greeted by a peaceful and beautiful natural view- or maybe you dream of waking up to beautiful city buildings, traffic, and people walking by. Whatever you fancy, it probably seems like something that usually only happens in movies, isn’t that right?

I am glad to inform you that you may be in luck! This Hollywood-like scenario could happen to you in real life. But of course, this is only possible if you are planning to invest a few million in your dream.

If you have always pictured a fantastic house to call your home where you can be greeted every day by heavenly views and don’t care for how much money it will take, I encourage you to continue reading. Even if you don’t fit all these criteria, keep reading.


Scenic Views for Sale

Being based in Vancouver, I would like to show off this city and its surroundings. We have decided to give them a small to provide some homes with fantastic views a bit of a spotlight.

We were looking at hundreds of Listings in different Real Estate websites, and many feature magnificent residences with the incredible views we are looking for.

Makes sense, as we were searching for Real Estate in the very busy, very expensive Vancouver.

Vancouver is a prime example of the most expensive cities to live in the whole world. It would only make sense that this is happening because the location is so beautiful, right? So many things to observe, so many places to visit.

Now, behold! Fantastic views from some of the most exclusive residences in Vancouver.

“Woodwards Building” in Vancouver

Woodwards view in Vancouver

Apartment in Homer Street, Vancouver

Beautiful Interior and view in Vancouver Apartment

“Harbourside Park” Penthouse in Coal Harbour Beautiful Views from Vancouver Residences

“Riversky Tower” in New Westminster

Beautiful Views in Vancouver, New Westminster

“Jameson House” in Vancouver
Jameson House Interior and view

Rustic, yet beautiful nature house in Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island Beautiful scenic views

Feeling like buying any of those beauties? Or maybe your picture dream house with an awesome view differently. Let us know in the comments.

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